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harold's house of omelettes breakfast

Thousand Oaks' Favorite Breakfast Place Since 1961

Harold's House of Omelettes has been serving the Conejo Valley since 1961 as Thousand Oaks' original breakfast place. At Harold's we don't just boast of our great food and history but let our locally sourced food attest to it! With some of the most mouthwatering menu items, we continue to amaze our consumers. From our bigger-than-your-plate hotcakes and waffles to our mountain size omelettes, purpose and deliciousness go into every bite.

But don't let the name fool you, we have the best Mexican breakfast in town. Every plate is a ridiculous combination of Harold's overabundance and that south-of-the-border scrumptiousness that no Southern California restaurant is complete without. 

Ya we do lunch and dinner too! You may have been disappointed by other breakfast places serving  and lunch, but at Harold's our lunch plates are simply delicious.  So if you want some good old fashion hamburgers and fries or some savory fajitas, we've got you covered. 

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How Harold's Began

Harold Warner was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1923. As a WWII veteran and a Big Band-era drummer, Harold enjoyed traveling and entertaining. And so in 1949, Harold's journey west began. He landed in Hollywood and Vine's Du-par's restaurant as a chef cooking food for the Hollywood rich and famous. Then in the 1950's, as destiny would have it, he moved to Thousand Oaks to start Du-par's Thousand Oaks. But Du-par's and Harold were not meant to be and so Harold and Loraine along with their four kids opened up this restaurant as Harold's House of Omelettes in 1961. Harold was the chef until the late 1990’s working side by side with his youngest son Glen.  Harold created the unique Omelette enjoyed by generations and still served today.